Sole distributor to north and south america for webtool™

Our tradition of innovation

main_about1Variators Ltd. is family owned and operated and has been in business since 1973. It was started by James Grant who was born and grew up in England. James was working for Rowntrees confectioneries in the engineering dept. in the 1920’s. He later attended University in Leeds for electrical engineering. In the 1950’s James made plans to move abroad with his young family to South Africa.

As fate would have it, just as he was packing for South Africa, he received a letter from a family member suggesting he move to Canada instead. James changed his ticket, and moved to Canada in 1953. He started selling electric motors, brakes, and gear reducers for English Electric Ltd. at the time. He later added the Allspeeds Ltd. product line of Variable Speed Drives, called Variators. In 1974 Mr. Grant separated from the English Electric Corporation and was only selling Allspeeds products, primary Variators.

main_about2By 1981 James’s son Robert had joined the business and helped add the Webtool™ line of hydraulic tools to Variators Ltd. list of products. At the time Webtool™ products were mostly being sold to the mining industry. That all changed in the late 1980?s when it was realized the Webtool™ products were better suited for Subsea use. Since then we have been working closely with the Subsea industry to constantly evolve and improve the tools to better suit our customers.


Webtool™ – the most durable tools in the industry

Cutting or lifting large diameter wire rope and cable in the most hostile environments, under the toughest of conditions and the most demanding of circumstances requires something special.

Allspeeds first developed the Webtool™ underwater cutting tools over 30 years ago, now the Webtool™ division specialise in engineering and manufacturing powerful hydraulic cutting, gripping and lifting tools for wire ropes, cables, umbilicals and fibre ropes. Along with the standard Webtool range, Allspeeds design bespoke specialist subsea tools to meet the needs of users who demand high quality and total reliability.

Our Webtool™ range is also been adapted to meet the requirements on the Nuclear industry, the Webtool™ Nuclear range can provide bespoke solutions for nuclear decommissioning and other nuclear projects.

The full Webtool™ range is suitable for use subsea at depths of 6000m.