The Webtool HP690 has been designed for safety, with an intensifier that features a unique hydraulic circuit


The HP690 hydraulic intensifier panel is versatile. It’s designed for use with all Webtool™ cutting and gripping tools as well as third party equipment. The panel works with double acting circuits, and contains a user-adjustable pressure relief valve – as well as the industry standard Minibooster intensifier with 4:1 or 3.2:1 pressure intensification ratio (with 3:2:1 intensifier, maximum output pressure of 690 bar or 10,000 psi is achieved with an input pressure of 215 bar (3,120 psi).


  • Compact, sturdy aluminum construction
  • Corrosion-resistant coated aluminum and stainless steel construction
  • Pressure gauges recessed into body add protection
  • Usable at any water depth
  • Dual pressure gauges indicate input and output pressures
  • Compatible with 2 port hotstabs. No additional drain port is required